Privacy policy

This document explains how Tapin processes your personal information and how you can request access.

Processing of personal data

Tapin is a service that allows you to find available times at a selection of simulator centers in Norway and Sweden. Our services are offered on the websites, and We build services to make golf a more inclusive sport that everyone can take part in and simplify golfers' lives. Tapin is developed in Norway.

Disruptive Golf Technologies AS (incorporated in Norway under organization number 927247542) is responsible for the processing of the content and the processing of personal data on the websites we offer and any email communication you may have with us.

Tapin does not store personal information without your explicit consent, and we therefore have no information we can disclose or delete on your behalf. This page briefly explains how this works. You are welcome to contact us at if you have further questions or feedback.

Information we process or collect


If you want to stay up to date with new features launched or changes made to the service, you can sign up for our newsletter. In order for us to send you a newsletter, you must provide your email address. The purpose of storing this information is to be able to send you marketing and information relevant to the service. Your consent does not grant us the ability to share your email address with third parties. If you have signed up for our newsletter and no longer wish to receive these, you can either unsubscribe by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the newsletter or submit our unsubscribe form.

Position data

When you use our search feature, you're required to enter an address or position as the origin of your search. You have the option of searching with an address or sharing your current location. In both cases, this information will be stored with us temporarily in order to identify relevant search results. Since this information in many cases can lead back to you as a person, the information will only be stored as long as necessary to present search results. The information will be deleted from our servers no later than after 24 hours. No information is collected about which IP address or browser performed the search. Once the information has been deleted, it will only be possible for us to link a search to a larger geographical area. Information that is not deleted is anonymized in compliance with European privacy laws and will only be used for statistical purposes. Tapin employees will be able to see how many searches have been made for a larger geographical area, but will not be able to link search data to a specific position.

Page views

Tapin collects statistics about which pages are visited. This information is collected in anonymous form and can not be linked back to you.

Search referrals

When you click on from a search result to book a simulator time, we will log that the search led to a referral. This information is stored anonymously (i.e. it is not possible for us to identify you) and the purpose of the data collection is to improve the service.

Login details for third-party services

In some cases, it is not possible for us to conduct searches with third party services without providing your login details. It is optional to share this information with Tapin and requires explicit consent. Upon initial registration, the login details are transferred to our servers for encryption, and then stored in your browser. This way, it is not possible for anyone with access to your machine to read your login details. When performing a search, the encrypted login details are transferred to our servers in order to find available simulator hours. The login details are decrypted and held in memory while the search is performed and then made inaccessible for our servers as soon as the search results are ready. The information cannot be retrieved by Tapin employees.

Due to the nature of this implementation you will need to enter your login details again if you change your browser. If you clear the local cache in the browser, the login details will be deleted.

Security measures


Tapin currently uses the following subcontractors to operate and deliver our services online:

Tapin also uses services offered by Google Workspaces for email. These services are provided by Google LLC and are relevant to you if you initiate e-mail correspondence with any of our employees or other addresses belonging to one of our top-level domains (,,

The parties above are considered data processors and Tapin has entered into data processor agreements with all of them.